Heavy J Studios

Supporting great causes one baseball card at a time!


Here at Heavy J Studios we turn your eligible donations into one-of-a-kind baseball card art pieces that are tracked on our Collector Registry.

Check our shop to see which pieces are AVAILABLE NOW or contact us to place a custom order.

We are currently supporting Parkinson’s research, education, and culture.




Head to the blog for all the latest, but here’s a teaser of what’s out and what’s coming.

It gets better

Never underestimate the realm of possibility. It’s a pretty big realm, perhaps even infinite. So here I was with what could have been a simple enough request. @LouciferOlsen from the Hall of Very Good podcast (and also the owner of “Fleer Face!“) had asked if I could make a Glenn Burke card for him. Not […]

July 11, 2020 – New card!

It had been a while since I did a Studio Remix, and the action shot on Cobra‚Äôs 1985 Topps card was calling my name. I toyed with pairing it against a Pittsburgh or Oakland card but ultimately went with 1986 Fleer. Astute collectors can also spot two other card sets used, in addition to a […]

Mr. October

I am working on something CRAZY with a couple Reggie cards and an original 1970s Reggie candy bar wrapper. That is all.

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